Book-A Pig in my Backyard

$ 13.00

This is a story about a pig. He doesn't talk. He doesn't drive a car or live in a house. He doesn't do tricks and he hasn't been sent here to save the planet. He's just a pig. And his name is Milo This story follows the beauty and simplicity of one pig's life - from beginning to end - through the eyes of a man who asks nothing of him yet receives so much.

About the author (2014)

Tim Conners is an accomplished Graphic Designer with over 14 years experience in the educational publishing field. Passionate about animal rights and a practicing vegetarian, Tim sought out a sweet and simple way to instrumentally show his son why he enjoys the vegetarian lifestyle. Tim put pen to paper and created a timeless story about a man and a pig - nothing more, nothing less. Tim lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with his son Jack, a cat, and a backyard perfect for a pig.