Holiday Photo Card Gift Sets

$ 12.00

Express your love and compassion for the animal residents at CAS, and all animals, when you send these exquisite cards made exclusively for the sanctuary by Janet Holmes.

"Joy to the World" 3-Pack
1. Emmett (Santa hat)
2. Bruce (Santa hat)
3. Violet (Baby Goat in Winter Coat)
"Peace on Earth" 5-Pack
1. Cow trio 
2. Scout in snow (Sheep)
3. Amos in snow (Cow)
4. Buddy and Beyond in snow (Horses)
5. Jesse in snow
"2016 Designs" 3-Pack
1.  Violet (Baby Goat)
2.  Amos in snow (Cow)
3.  Buddy and Beyond in Snow (Horses)
"Bargain" 5-Pack
An assortment of 5 cards. Each pack will have at least 1 Bruce and 1 Buddy/Beyond, plus 3 other designs handpicked for your order.


Also available individually in limited quantities.